iiot services
The internet of things is buzz word that people use without really knowing what it means. Like “big data” it should find it's place in the bluffers guide. However the internet of things is real in the sense that the internet connectivity is more and more widely applied. It invades our homes through the smart phone, the wrist watch and the digibox. Those devices need to talk to each other, just like you and me would like to have a chat sometimes. The weather (environment) is always a good topic of conversation for any of us, but guess what? A device can also feel too hot, too cold, too moist etc. Bad conditions can lead to health problems. That is something that the owner of the device would like to know. So we need to get the device talking. About the weather, health issues, about the job he is doing, his education and so on. This is the internet of things. For the industry this is new chapter in connectivity and continuous improvement of the services a device can provide. Our company will provide services that guide you through the implementation steps and maintain the infrastructure to give you a cutting edge over the competition. Please fill the contact form for more info.